Marble Text & Display

URW Asterisk

Marble is a sans serif type family in 108 styles plus Variable Fonts. It was commissioned by URW Asterisk for corporate and publishing use, and comes in three widths (Condensed, Normal and Wide).

Myriad Devanagari

Adobe Fonts

Myriad Devanagari is 10-style type family for the Devanagari script. It was commissioned by Adobe to complement the Latin typeface designed by Robert Slimbach, and developed in collaboration.

Eczar Latin & Devanagari

Rosetta/Google Fonts

Eczar started as a postgraduate student project. It was developed as a multi-script experiment with Devanagari and Latin and published by Rosetta on Google Fonts. Eczar is freely available with five weights each for the two scripts.

Langar Latin & Gurmukhi

Google Fonts

Langar is a one-weight Latin and Gurmukhi display typeface. It was commissioned by Google Fonts. It broadly follows the ‘upright-italic’ style, experimenting with and introducing a similar style for the Gurmukhi script.